Forgotten Friends

January 4, 2017

​Sometimes it’s the smallest of things
That invoke the deepest of pain
A word spoken without thought
Or a thought not spoken
Friends that are remembered
Or friends that are forgotten
I was there when you reached
To hold you up in your grief
Time and memories was all I had
I gave of myself, what I could
When I reach for you I grasp only empty air
A place I know so very well
A place you’ve left me many times

Our re-connection brought me smiles
Ones I didn’t know I had come to love
The bars of expectations so low
Lowered even more now
So low that even my own soul cannot understand
From lovers to partners
Partners to lovers
From lovers to strangers
Now strangers to friends

A taking for granted once again
Left out and unimportant
As the acquaintances in your world
Have gained more favor than I
Your thoughts and time given
To coworkers and others of like
As I sit on your shelf, you say to yourself “Maybe tomorrow”
My mailbox and heart remain empty
I pull your thorns out one by one
From the center of my soul

I chastise myself out loud
For wanting to hold you in that special place
As a friend, a lover, not to be forgotten
A partner, not to be taken for granted
My own emotional weakness
My own stupidity to trust
My own expectations, ever so low
Still blinded me into believing

But I am a strong person
No one will see my pain
No one will hear me cry
For the stranger you have become again
I will hold my head up and smile
Tell them all you are just fine
I will continue to support you
In our friendship through future times
I will not stay hurt, I will not stay sad
I will not think of you the same
My heart cannot beat for you again
From lovers to strangers we may now go
From strangers to lovers it may be some other time
But I cannot forget, I am your forgotten friend.

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