Alone Again

August 6, 1993

The blue, blue sky
The echo of a hawk’s cry
Reminds me of my silence
A heart not to make amends
The impact of seeing you again
For the aching, there is no end

Never answers to the questions asked
Why you have become to be my past
If yesterday was in tomorrow’s way
What happened to us living for today?
So now I’ve become the one you’ve made
A cold heart, a doubtful mind
The lies you told, I never forgave

You’d never understand the tears that glisten
You’ll never allow your heart to listen
I’ll never grow and love again
My love and aching, you are the end
If alone I must walk
Hardened emotion, solid as a rock
I know at least I have loved someone
In my world, I have won

To give your love is better than not
Even when denied, happiness was sought
I know I’ll never feel your touch
Forever I’ll miss you here just as much.

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