District 13: Leewood Valley

Coming Soon! 2021!

Don’t miss this exciting new release by R.L. Caffry

Leewood Valley was once a quaint town of hardworking, good people nestled in the mountain range of the Nevada and California border. Brisco Inc, the giant of aerospace technology, turned Leewood Valley into the most desirable city to live in California. After building the city from the ground up, Brisco pulls out all the resources to relocate to Long Beach, leaving behind only the desolate and defunct. The city crumbles and the government turns its back, leaving the fate of Leewood Valley to the mercy of the drug trade and gangs. Representative Gabe Fehr, Leewood Valley’s own slovenly un-elected official, beseeches his government for increased security and funding when children start showing up slaughtered and tossed like garbage among the rubble of the decayed buildings. Fehr is turned away, informed that his city is no longer a voting district, and is now only known as District 13 – a district that never existed.

Kenworth Briggs, born and raised in Leewood Valley, homeless and living in a dilapidated garage, inherits his grandfather’s business. An instant billionaire overnight, Kenworth struggles with the darker side of the business, yet he cannot walk away without forfeiting his inheritance. Not knowing anything about microtechnology, Kenworth finds himself ensnared in an experimental project of altering the human limbic system through the injection of the SPYDR. He is shadowed, mentored and deceived by his grandfather’s loyal and sinister right-hand man, Samuel. He quickly realizes he is not cut off the same cloth as his ruthless grandfather, whose only intent was to restore Leewood Valley, no matter the cost.

Does he have what it takes to restore peace to a fallen city? Will he be able to rebuild among the rubble and gang-torn streets, where the blood flows like water? Will he be able to execute A.D.E.R.A. without losing one more life to the cause of the experiment?

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