September 11, 1993

Dreams – what are they for?
A meaning for survival?
An excuse to keep going?
When there is only one of you,
To share those ‘important’ ideas.

Goals – they are just little dreams,
Easier accomplishments with less meaning.
As necessary as the air we breathe,
But not necessary enough to share.

When do we begin to search?
For the ‘ideal’ mate.
How do we know they are the right one?
When so many seemingly successes,
Only fail and crumble in the end.

What do we do when we become bored?
Restless, urging our soul to move on.
When even comfortable becomes uncomfortable.
How does one keep the fire lit for another?

Do we need to share with another?
Is it necessary or an illusionary desire?
Physical satisfaction is plentiful,
To all those who are playful.
Mental satisfaction is uncommon,
Combined with emotion – that is rare.
Who will be the only one?
Or is there one?

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