Leaving You Behind

August 4, 1993

The sun beat down on me
Casting shadows over my eyes
Just as you cast truth from lies
I want love to let me be
No future to bind together
My love felt never
Your slight touch upon my face
Is only my dreams, in another place
Leave my memories, let me forget
I am no longer considered in your debt
Pass me by when you see me
As you have so many times before
And found it so very easy

I have your picture tucked away
Your games I no longer play
The pain is still etched upon my heart
In my soul, you’ve left your mark
So please understand why I can’t talk to you
It causes more pain than I am due
And if you don’t know that by now
Leave me alone and I’ll get by somehow
I don’t want to exchange casual words
They’ve never been needed before
You left me behind, I closed the door

I thought once, maybe we could be friends
But my bleeding heart won’t allow it in the end.

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