Going My Own Way

July 15, 1993

I never know how to tell
The things I feel inside
The words I can never sell
To an unwilling buyer in mind

I leave you behind
To seek a better adventure
And though I go on cryin’
The world is mine and I am its center

One can never go back again
Expecting things to be the same
With time, all people change
The future brings new faces, new names

I know I could never give
The needs you ask me to fulfill
So I go on searching new crowds I’m in
For someone to please until my world becomes still

I’ve met many compatible partners before
Something always happens to make us stray
I know in my heart you’re a risk, a high score
So I’ll turn the light off, go my own way
And prevent the aching to come another day

It saddens me inside to give you up
Together, for a little while, we might’ve been good
But a little while can’t give a lifetime of love
If I have to be alone always, then I know I should
I’ll keep trying to make my own dreams come true
Even when I’m kicked down at every corner I turn
I’ll keep doing the things that I do
Every day, every love, we always continue to learn

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