May 31, 1993

A man in a boat on the open sea
A woman in the city walking until morning
He faces the angry waters and thinks nothing
She faces cold empty stares and thinks……
there must be more than she sees
They watch the same sunset every night
Her standing on the beach staring into the blackness
Him standing on the stern as land gets further away
Both dreaming of a life better than theirs

Occasionally, time and fate draw their cards
They meet briefly and look in each other’s eyes
He sees the pain he delivers
She sees the dream he’ll never have
They part for what always seems for the last time
Neither feel it or know if it’s right
Until they meet again
His heart turns to stone blacker than night
Her heart burns colder than ice
His damage created long ago
Her ache brand new from his past pain
Never will they find their love again
Or give it freely as they had once done
They continue to look at the cold, lonely stares
Reflecting in each other’s eyes
And believe this is what love really is.

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