July 10, 1993

Today, I will think of you yesterday
Your smile fades with the sunset
Tomorrow, I may not see you today
But the future is not here yet

I want to share my secrets now
With you until the early morning hours
I want my fears to lessen somehow
Stare emotions down until they cower

So much pain from the past
Years long gone, running away
I feel you inside, entering fast
I push you away to hold another day

We talk on the phone now and again
I memorize your face, as I hear your voice
How I want to hold you as I did then

A future I know I don’t have
Hoping you will think of me tomorrow too
I wish I was there at long last
I’m in too deep, too soon, over you

I see you, I feel you, as I first met you
Standing on the field, waiting for the game
Wondering what it would be like to hold you again
Wondering if you think the same

Time and distance separate us now
But you’re the one to occupy my mind
Only when I return, can you allow
The two of us to again share our time.

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