A Little Bird

Sept 29, 1993

There was a little bird
In a little tree
Who came to little ole me
To whisper a little tune
In my little ear

He told me of a life
And all beautiful things
When he began to sing
He told me my BIG worries
Were just little problems
And I would prosper
In the days to come

Then he pecked my little ear
And began a little dance
On my tiny shoulder
And told me you were okay

He made me smile and laugh
At the absurd situation
Of a little bird singing
To little ole me.
But most of all
Was knowing you’re okay
And you were smiling
Despite the cold winter day

But the little bird won’t come to visit again
To make me smile because he told me you will write me
Very soon to close all those long but little miles
So I hope you listen to that little bird
And get off your little butt
Pick up a little pen
At least write a little note
So my little mailbox doesn’t become a little more lonely

I also hope the little mailman
Don’t take the time to read this little note
Because it’s none of their damn business
Is my little friend?

I thought this BIG envelope needed
A little spicing up since it’s being
Mailed to such a little town
And because I am just a little bored
In such a BIG place
In a teeny weeny little apartment
Oh! Oh! Where do I put the little stamps
I now have such very little room!

This little piece of writing is special to me, as it was written for my best friend, who was more like a sister to me at that time. I just left a small town where we lived and moved several hours away to a bigger city. After spending every day together for years, living together and running a business together…..well it almost felt like my right hand was being cut off. Obviously, that was not the case! I wrote this little diddy on the outside of an envelope starting at the very edge and working my way to the center where the address was written.

Thank you Susan for some of the best memories in the time we shared!

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