August 28, 2011

Memories rush up to meet me
They gaze upon my empty nights
Flooding the days, long to endure
Two broken hearts, one broken life
Hopes dashed, love destroyed

I reach and hope to find you there
The midnight air leaves my hand empty
I can’t feel you near me anymore
I don’t remember your voice
A picture to show me your smile
All other memories begin to fade

I struggle to find the pain
That those memories bore into my soul
As it is the only feeling I know
The comfort in my darkest hours
To remind me I once felt love for you

To see you toady
Brings tears of emptiness
Hopes of comfort
The pain of needing you
Desires to feel you inside me

Thoughts of you occupy my every moment
I can feel your touch
I can taste your mouth on mine
I feel your heart pressed close

Need, hunger, hope, desire, longing, fear
Yet for the first time, no expectation
My heart pounds with anticipation
My heart bleeds knowing we are alone

To walk away, back to my own door
Will rip me apart again today
I wish there was a comfort to greet me
Your memory will have to be enough

I will see you in the dark tonight
As I have every night now
Alone in my bed, you remain beside me
Gone from this world, you left me behind.

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