When you stumble across a website, do you go to the about page first?

I think not! Who really wants to read the boring analog of how a company or person claims their rise to fame? Of course, if you are reading a sordid tale of the underdog rising from the pits of ashes to claim victory over the felon, then that does certainly change the game of the boring about page!

Behind every author is their story, real people they have met, real lives they have courted and real tragedy they have experienced. Creative writing is more than one’s mind cooperating with one’s pen to churn out story after story to please and entertain those who prefer to read than write. Creative writing is the author’s own experiences, mixed with a flair of interpretation and rolled up into their minds only to be manipulated in their thoughts before transforming it into a deliciously tempting story that unfolds before your very eyes.

Caffry was born and raised on the west coast of British Columbia. As a young person, before marriage and children, writing was not only a hobby but an escape. As young people explore their world and gain independence, it can often be a scary or confusing time. Caffry learned to balance reality with fiction through poetry and stories, littered and infiltrated with personal experiences shaded just enough to mask the references of real life.

Caffry’s chosen career has been social work and chronicling other people’s lives and moments. Through her career, her mind grew and grew until there was very little satisfaction in the chronicling of other people’s lives. The need grew to create works of fiction that combines personal experiences blended with colors in the fray of the imagination. Thus, an author was born.

In the long hours of the night, while others sleep, the monster wakes within to splatter the windows of the unsuspecting mind with glimpses of all terror that can immobilize the strongest men. The Nightmare.

In the wee hours of the morning, the fog of sleep clears, the monster curls its tail back over its snout and its eyes slide shut. The unsuspecting mind grapples with the essence of what haunting befell the night before. In the world of instant gratification, the mind focusses only on the toothpaste not dripping off the toothbrush, the coffee not dripping on the white blouse and the door to the nightmare closes against the bright sunshine of a new day.

The imagination………..the biggest bully, the ugliest monster, the most beautiful song, the prettiest girl……..the best-told story.