Short Stories by Caffry

Destination Unknown

We reached the third day of our journey and, to be honest, things were not going well. The General told us this mission would be treacherous, never attempted by a group of Greenies before. Greenies got drafted before reaching maturity, the ideal soldier age for stamina. My mom cried when the General came to our […]

Salted Tangerines and Stale Bread

Salted Tangerines and Stale Bread

“I don’t know doc, it’s that it got so difficult after the birth of our son. She sits on the couch all day eating and ignores everything else. She tells me she is depressed because of all her weight gain but she refuses to get off the couch. I mean, it’s at the point that she doesn’t take Solstice out […]

Love Lies

Tears rolled down her face. Her hair was tousled from a fitful night’s sleep. She pulled her robe closer around her, an involuntary shiver running up her spine. She gripped her coffee cup like there might be Vaseline on her hands. Breathing in the pungent aroma of her coffee, she felt a slight calm come […]